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PostHeaderIcon CityVille – Unlimited Franchise Tutorial ( Video )

1.Download Cheat Engine at : http://cheatengine.org/2.Open CityVille in Your Browser (For me Works at Mozilla Firefox and Chrome)3.When CityVille Is Open Then Open Cheat Engine and Find : If You Select Firefox : plugincontainer.exe : If You Select Chroome : chroome.exe4.In Value Window Use Your "XP" For Example : "5632" and Click To "First Scan" If is it completed ThenYou Can See : 3 Items At The Left Top …. Copy All Items To The Adress List And Change Their Value To : for example to :603005. Then Go To Your CityVille Window and Collect Any Building … You have now level 75 ( i should think ) 6. Now Go To NierghBorg City And Place Your Franchise !!! ( you have to choose from businesses you already have in your city … )7. Refresh Page … (Your NierghBorg Must Accept Franchise)